Membership Requirements & Expectations

Membership Requirements

There are 13 members. Members are appointed by the Mayor with approval of the City Council. Members will represent many aspects of Beaverton’s citizens and business community and will serve 1-3 year terms. To apply for an opening, complete our online application or complete and return an application to:

Neighborhood Program and Community Events
P.O. Box 4755
Beaverton, OR 97076-4755
Fax: 503-526-3730


All members are expected to attend all meetings. Members are expected to be active participants in committee deliberations in a public setting.


All members are expected to read all of the materials related to their meetings, some of which can be very long and technical.

Time Commitment

All members should be willing to dedicate a few hours of preparation and meeting time for each scheduled meeting. There may be additional special meetings or subcommittees formed. The Visioning Advisory Committee will also provide updates to the City Council and the community and will participate in public meetings and other events.