Gotemba, Japan

Map of Japan featuring city of Gotemba.About Our Sister City

Beaverton's first sister city, Gotemba, signed an agreement with the City in 1987. The city is located 60 miles southwest of Tokyo, Japan, and is known as the eastern entrance to Mt. Fuji. Located at the center of Izu-Hakone-Fuji National Park, recreation facilities exist for golfing, skating, hiking, climbing, and camping.

Similarities between our two cities include the location of our cities at the base of two well-known mountains, many high-tech industries, and the fact that both cities are considered the horseradish capitals of their respective regions. The population of Gotemba is 80,000, and the city covers an area of 77 square miles.

Pronunciation: "Go - tem - ba"

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*Mt Fuji photograph provided by Mitsuko Suganuma 

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