Cluses, France

Map of France featuring city of Cluses.About Our Sister City

Beaverton’s most recent Sister City, Cluses, signed in 1999, is located in the southeastern region of France near Mt. Blanc in the French Alps. It enjoys year-round recreation activities such as hiking, mountain climbing, swimming, boating, parasailing, golfing, skiing and ice-skating.

Similarities include its history, with farmers establishing a city that is now involved with manufacturing precision parts for electronic, automobile and medical industries. Cluses lies in the L’Arve Valley on the L’Arve River. On the river is a museum housing an old water wheel used for power generation. This building is close to an ancient bridge that is said to have been ordered repaired by Napoleon. A Mayor, nine Deputy Mayors and 29 City Councilors govern the City. Cluses has a population of 18,000.

Pronunciation: "CLOOS"

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