Membership Requirements and Expectations

Membership Requirements for the Board of Construction Appeals

There are nine members consisting of the following:

  • One builder who has been active in that field for no less than two years
  • One contractor or installer of heating, cooling, ventilation, or refrigeration systems
  • One individual qualified by education, experience, or training in matters pertaining to fire protection
  • One individual representing the citizens with disabilities community
  • One licensed journeyman plumber
  • One member of the general public
  • One registered architect who has been active in that field for no less than three years
  • One registered civil or structural engineer who has been active in that field for no less than three years
  • One state-certified building official employed by a political jurisdiction other than the City of Beaverton

There may be up to nine alternates meeting the specific qualifications noted above. Preference is given to City residents. To apply for an opening, complete our online application or complete and return an application to:

Neighborhood Program and Community Events
P.O. Box 4755 Beaverton, OR 97076-4755
Fax: 503-526-3730


Meetings are scheduled only if an appeal has been filed. All members are expected to attend all scheduled meetings (alternate members need only attend when the primary member is unable). All members are expected to be familiar with and understand state building codes, City codes, and policy documents, and to be active participants in board deliberations in a public setting.


All members are expected to read all of the materials related to their meetings, many of which can be very long and technical.

Time Commitment

All members should be willing to dedicate several hours of preparation and meeting time for each scheduled meeting.