Winter Sanding Routes

Snow / Ice Emergency Management Plan

Inclement weather such as freezing rain and snowstorms are not necessarily common in Beaverton, but when they occur the city’s Street Section has a snow / ice emergency management plan. High-volume streets, major arterials, and collector roadways are given the highest priority. Sand is applied to areas of the street where traction is known to be a problem, such as steep grades, overpasses, bridges, and intersections where stopping is necessary.

Sanding vs. Plowing

For small or short winter events sanding is sufficient. In the case of a larger event, the city has added a large plow to compliment the three smaller plows. Through an intergovernmental agreement there are streets inside the city that are maintained by the state and county and sanded by the City of Beaverton; in exchange the city gets several roads, overpasses, and bridges pretreated with deicer. Residential streets are not normally sanded, except for roads used for emergency vehicle access.

Fleet Inventory

The City of Beaverton has five sanding trucks. One 10-yard truck with a sanding hopper and plow, one 10-yard truck with hopper sander and three small trucks with plows and sanding hoppers. The city also has a back-up 10-yard truck with a tow-behind sander for assisting in higher elevations and police requests.

See the Inclement Weather Maps below for a schedule of sanding routes during inclement weather.

Snow Emergency Map - 46x60 PDF

Snow Plow and Sanding Routes Interactive Web Map

Graphic of Beaverton map as link to GIS Snow Routes interactive map. Opens in new window

Sanding Routes - NORTH

  • Millikan Way: Hall Blvd to Cedar Hills
  • Hall Blvd: Crescent to Cedar Hills
  • Broadway: 117th to TV Hwy
  • Lombard: Farmington to Center
  • Center St: Hall Blvd to 110th Ave
  • Cedar Hills Blvd: Farmington Rd to Barnes Rd
  • Barnes Rd (Wash. Co.): 118th to Valeria View
  • 118th Ave: Barnes Rd to Cornell Rd
  • Valeria View Dr: Barnes Rd to Celeste Ln
  • Celeste Ln: Valeria View Dr to Cedar Hills Blvd
  • Jenkins Rd: Cedar Hills Blvd to 170th Ave
  • NW 170th Ave: Baseline to Walker
  • NW 173rd Ave: Walker Rd to Cornell
  • 153rd Ave: Jenkins Rd to TV Hwy
  • Millikan Way: TV Hwy to Watson Blvd
  • Hocken Rd: Farmington Rd to Jenkins Rd

Sanding Routes - SOUTH CENTRAL

  • Hall Blvd: Allen Blvd to Cascade Ave
  • Allen Blvd: Western Ave to Davis Rd
  • Davis Rd: Murray Blvd to 160th Ave
  • Greenway Ave: Hall Blvd to 125th Ave
  • Brockman Rd: 125th Ave to Murray Rd
  • Murray Blvd: Brockman to Hart Rd
  • Sexton Mt Dr: Maverick Terr to 155th Ave
  • Maverick Terr: Sexton Mt Rd to Murray Blvd
  • Hart Rd: 165th Ave to Hall Blvd
  • 152nd Ave: Hart Rd to Davis Rd
  • Sorrento Rd: Hart Rd to Brockman St
  • Carr St: Sorrento Rd to 135th Ave
  • Davies Rd: 135th Ave to Brockman St

Sanding Routes - SOUTH

  • Scholls Ferry (Wash Co): Allen to SCM School entrance
  • Loon Dr: Scholls Ferry to Fulmar Terr. (School) 
  • Murray Blvd (Wash Co): Brockman Rd to Walnut 
  • Weir Rd: Murray Rd to Spellman Dr
  • 160th / Galena Way: Weir Rd to Nora Rd
  • Nora Rd: 155th Ave to Top of Hill 
  • Beard Rd: 155th Ave to Murray Rd
  • Barrows Rd: Scholls Ferry Rd to Scholls Ferry Rd
  • Horizon Blvd: Barrows to Scholls Ferry Rd 
  • Teal Blvd: Scholls Ferry Rd to Murray Blvd 
  • Osprey Dr: Murray Blvd to Teal Blvd
  • 152nd Ave: Teal Blvd to Top of Hill
  • 155th Ave: Teal Blvd to Hart Rd
  • Davies Rd: Brockman St to Scholls Ferry Rd

Sanding Routes - DOWNTOWN

  • Allen Blvd: 92nd Ave to Murray Blvd
  • Western Ave: Allen Blvd to BH Hwy
  • 5th St: Western Ave to Erickson Ave
  • Griffith Dr: 5th Intersection and BH entrance
  • Farmington Rd: Murray Blvd to Hwy 217 
  • Lombard Ave: Farmington Rd to Denney Rd
  • Hall Blvd: Allen Blvd to Crescent
  • Watson Ave: Hall Blvd to Crescent 
  • Main Ave: Allen Blvd to Farmington Rd
  • Erickson Ave: Allen Blvd to Farmington Rd
  • 130th Ave: Allen Blvd to Hart Rd
  • Hart Circle: 130th Ave around circle 
  • 22nd St: Hall Blvd to 130th Ave
  • Wilson Dr: Allen Blvd to Hart Rd
  • Village Ln: 160th Ave to Murray Blvd
  • 141st Ave: Allen Blvd to Farmington Rd
  • Menlo Dr: Allen Blvd to Farmington Rd

Sanding Routes - EAST

  • Allen / Scholls Ferry Int: All 4 ways
  • Scholls Ferry: Denny to Laurelwood
  • Laurelwood/Birchwood/87th: Scholls Ferry to Canyon Lane
  • Canyon Lane: Canyon Rd to Canyon Rd
  • Canyon Dr: Canyon Rd to Canyon Lane
  • Jamieson Rd: 91st St to BH Hwy
  • Denney Rd: Scholls Ferry Rd to Hall Blvd
  • Cressmoor Dr: Hall Blvd to Hall Blvd
  • Bel Aire Dr: Hall Blvd to Denney Rd
  • King Blvd: Allen Blvd to Denney Rd
  • 125th Ave: Scholls Ferry Rd to Greenway Ave
  • Downing Dr: Greenway Ave to Conestoga Dr
  • Conestoga Dr: Scholls Ferry Rd to 130th Ave
  • 130th Ave: Conestoga Dr. to Scholls Ferry Rd
  • Nimbus Ave: Scholls Ferry Rd to Hall Blvd
  • Cascade Blvd: Scholls Ferry Rd to Hall Blvd