Sandbag Sites

Sandbag Safety

  • Floodwaters can be polluted. Use rubber gloves and appropriate clothing if contact with water is unavoidable.
  • Sandbags are treated to prevent deterioration when stored. Use work gloves and avoid contact with your eyes and mouth.
  • Stay in eye contact with heavy equipment operators and keep alert for truck back-up alarms.
  • Use proper lifting techniques to avoid injury and fatigue. Lift with your legs and bend at the knees to save your back.
  • Wear adequate clothing in layers and watertight boots. Reflective material on outer clothing is essential for night work.

Sites & Recommendations

Jurisdictions listed in the files below will typically have sand and sandbags available during a major flooding event. During localized flooding incidents, contact the specific jurisdiction to assure availability. All sites are self-service.