Animal Pick-Up

Dead Animal Pick-Up

City of Beaverton crews will pick up dead animals within the city limits, within 24 hours, when they are found on city, county, and state roads (except highways 26 and 217); in city rights of way; or on city property. Most dead animal calls received on Saturday or Sunday will be taken care of when the regular shift begins on Monday. However, if the animal poses a traffic hazard, city crews will remove and dispose of the animal from the area.

All dead dogs and cats will be taken or picked up by Washington County Animal Control due to the microchip identification now available.

Useful Phone Numbers

Live Animal Pick-Up

  • Audubon Society of Portland - 503-292-0304
  • Critter Gitter - 503-253-5584
  • Humane Society of Oregon - 503-285-7722
  • Medical Emergency - 503-228-7281
  • Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife - 971-673-6000
  • Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (raccoons, opossums, deer) - 503-621-3488
  • Washington County Animal Control - 503-846-7041

Bee Swarm Removal

  • Bill Brady - 503-646-9098
  • Bug Man - 503-284-6269

Government Agencies

  • City of Beaverton, Operations Department - 503-526-2220
  • ODOT / Incident Response - 503-283-5859
  • Washington County Animal Control - 503-846-7041