Building Permits

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Permit Processing

Many permits do not require a plan review (furnace replacement, irrigation backflow, water service replacement, addition of an electrical circuit, etc.). For those types of projects, complete permit applications that are received in person at the counter will be processed while the customer waits.

Permit applications received through the mail, fax, or through the state e-permitting program will be processed by the next business day if they are complete and have the correct payment included. If the information lacking is minor in nature and can be provided over the telephone by the applicant, staff will complete the form and process the application. When mailed, faxed, and online permit applications have been processed, the permit and receipt will be mailed or faxed to the applicant.

Electronic Plan Review

As of March 4, 2019 the city is now processing all Building Division applications and permits electronically. For over-the-counter permits, please send your electronic plans and materials to us 24-hours in advance of your visiting us during our over-the counter times.

Accepting materials electronically is our NEW and improved way to receive and route your application and permit packages. Submissions must follow the Electronic Document Instructions below so that documents can be accurately assigned and routed for review. If you have questions or feedback, please contact us for assistance at 503-526-2493.

Electronic Document Instructions

Re-Roof Electronic Document Instructions

Building in Beaverton

Over the Counter Plan Review

For Over-the-Counter review, you must submit all electronic documents at least one day prior to arriving at the front desk to meet with a plans examiner. Please visit our building permits page for more information.

Fee Refunds and Waivers

The Building Official is authorized by Beaverton Code 8.02.020 to authorize the refunding of:

Building, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical permit fees paid for a permit under which no work is commenced and no inspection conducted, and the plan review fees, if the application for which the plans are submitted is withdrawn before the plan review commences.

No fee shall be refunded except on a written request by the applicant and received by the Building Official no later than 180 days after payment. Requests for a waiver or refunding of all other permit fees shall be made to the City Council.

The City shall retain, for repayment of the costs of administration, 20% of any fee to be refunded or $100, whichever is less.

Permit Resources

The following permit applications can be downloaded and printed for your convenience.

View a complete list of applications, forms, and checklists.