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Service Alert!

As part of the City’s response to COVID-19, we are asking that all community members and customers conduct business electronically as much as possible. 

Our Front Desk & Permit Center on the fourth floor of The Beaverton Building continues to remain closed to visitors until further notice. Community Development services are available by email and phone listed in our directory with development and construction information available at For:

Have a question? View our Customer FAQ section.

To schedule an appointment for in-person services, please leave a message at one of the phone numbers listed above, check out our directory for other service contacts, or contact a staff person who has already been working with you to arrange for services.

Need to submit a payment? Checks can be dropped off in the Water Payment box located off of Millikan Way. Make sure the name of the project and permit number is provided so that the payment can be applied correctly.

Need to submit materials related to a current project? They can be delivered to Beaverton City Hall, at the delivery/staff entrance, located at the corner of SW Rose Biggi and SW Millikan Way. Hours for deliveries are 8AM-12PM and 1PM-4PM. Please email   at least one hour prior to your arrival to notify staff when to expect deliveries. 

For more information visit the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 page.


The Site Development Division coordinates the City review of engineering design and construction for new developments within the City of Beaverton.

The division is involved with all projects involving privately financed public improvements and certain regulated private improvements, such as site grading and parking lot construction.

The Site Development Division is also responsible for issuing permits for sewer repair, sidewalk repair, street cuts, street tree removal, and planting and regulating franchise utility installations.

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