Neighborhood Program

Program Services

The Neighborhood Program was established by the City of Beaverton in 1987, in order to preserve and enhance Beaverton by encouraging and supporting involvement of all residents in local government and community activities. The program works by:

  • Educating residents regarding the process of public participation related to land use, transportation, livability, and other issues
  • Promoting City and neighborhood identity
  • Providing better channels of communication and dissemination of accurate information between City government and residents
  • Providing a forum by which residents may engage in their choice of activities such as long-range planning, public safety, cultural opportunities, social functions, and general livability projects

Currently, the City of Beaverton has 11 recognized Neighborhood Association Committees (NACs). Participation in a NAC is open to anyone who lives, works, owns a business, or represents an institution or nonprofit organization within the boundaries of the NAC.