Community Gardens

COVID-19 Update

Beaverton’s Community Gardens remain open to people with garden plots. 

Gardening plays an important role in all our lives, allowing us to connect with the land and to provide food for our households. We appreciate all your work in the gardens and hope they bring you some moments of peace. 

If you have decided not to garden this year, please contact city garden staff at or 503-526-2665.

Growing togetherPhoto of two young ladies raking and planting at a garden plot.

Beaverton’s Community Gardens Program offers a space where residents can come together to grow food, community, and a sense of place. Community gardens are:

  • Gathering places that strengthen social networks through cooperative gardening projects
  • Sources of pride among residents
  • Visible products of land stewardship

Shared Garden

Community gardens involve individual garden spaces, for which community members pay an annual fee, while the entire site is cared for cooperatively. It is important to understand that gardening in a community garden is much different than gardening at home. A community garden is a shared space, where gardeners need to be considerate of other people and their plants.

At times, gardeners turn to one another for help with garden maintenance, tips and tactics and general oversight of each other's plots when away from the site. That said, it’s helpful to connect with other gardeners. As the saying goes, “many hands make light work”.


Garden plots can fill up quickly, get ahead of the crowd by adding yourself to our waitlist.

Garden Waitlist

Service hours

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Contact information 

Phone: 503-526-2665