Business License Fee Schedule


2019 Fee 2020 Fee
0 - 4 employees $75 per year $75 per year
Each additional employee $8.50 per year $8.50 per year
Apartments / Hotels / Motels    
First 40 units $75 per year $75 per year
Each additional unit $1.25 per year $1.25 per year
Nonprofit Organization No fee ($0) No fee ($0)
Seasonal Licenses    
Seasonal licensing is calculated on a four month period $25 per quarter $25 per quarter
Seasonal licenses are for holiday sales such as Christmas trees and fireworks.    

Upon receipt of your payment, you will be issued a Business License Permit.

In addition to the business license fee:

  • If you are conducting business out of your home in Beaverton, you may need a home occupation permit. Contact the Planning Office for more information: 503-526-2420. You will need to download the Type 1 Home Occupation Permit.
  • If you are doing business of a temporary nature in Beaverton, you will need a temporary use permit.

Landscaping Businesses

Additional licensing is required for landscaping businesses. There are additional State of Oregon regulations relating to licensing requirements that must be met. Please review the Oregon Landscape Contractors Board. Landscaping includes:

  • Arbors
  • Decks
  • Fences
  • Irrigation systems
  • Planning and installing lawns
  • Retaining walls
  • Shrubs
  • Trees
  • Walkways
  • Water features

Additional Information

For information regarding a home occupancy or a temporary use permit, please call 503-526-2420. For information regarding business licenses, please call 503-526-2255.