Processing Times

How Long Will It Take?

The passport application or renewal process can take several weeks. Please consider this time frame when planning a trip abroad. Processing time varies depending on the volume of applications submitted. Check Processing Times page or call the U.S. State Department at 877-487-2778 for the latest information regarding processing time.

New Passport

For information on applying for a passport for the first time, see the First-Time Applicants page.


For details on renewing your passport, please see the Renewal by Mail page.

Expedited Application

If you need to get your passport more quickly, you will need to expedite your application. Before you send in your application, check with the U.S. State Department - U.S. Passports to find out the current expedited processing time. Make sure you will have enough time before your trip.

If you are within 14 business days of your departure, call the Seattle passport office at 877-487-2778 to schedule an appointment. You will be required to submit all documents, including proof of your immediate departure date.

Checking Application Status Online

Customers who have recently applied for a regular (tourist) U.S. passport and want to know the status of their application may do so by accessing the U.S. State Department’s Application Status page.

Where to Apply?

Find passport acceptance facilities online, then contact them directly for more information.