Development Charges

Financing Improvements

The City of Beaverton collects system development charges (SDCs) to help finance growth-related improvements to the potable (drinking) water system. SDCs are one-time charges to new customers, which fund new utility system (extra-capacity) expansions needed to serve new customers. SDCs are also collected to reimburse the City for existing systems facilities already constructed with unused capacity. Most public drinking water providers in Oregon have adopted SDCs.

In 2020, the City Council held a public hearing and adopted the water SDC methodology and fee schedule. The current SDC's were implemented via Resolution #4670 on August 4, 2020, which amended Resolution #4627, and are adjusted annually. The SDCs shown below are effective as of February 1, 2021. The Water SDCs are also shown in the Building Department's fee schedule here: System Development Fees.

Meter SizeSDCs
5/8 inch$8,774
3/4 inch$13,161
1.0 inch$21,935
1.5 inch$43,870

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