Monitoring & Operation

Cyclist taking a break from pedaling to drink from water bottle.Maintaining Fluoride Levels

The City’s fluoride feed facility is equipped to ensure that the desired level of fluoride is maintained in the drinking water supply. Online electronic fluoride analyzers installed in different locations around the City will monitor fluoride levels in the drinking water 24 hours a day.

Data collected from the fluoride analyzers is displayed and stored on a water system master control computer. The master control computer uses the data to control and adjust the level of fluoride, as programmed by City water maintenance staff.

State Requirements

City water maintenance staff are required by the Oregon Health Authority to have water treatment certification, which covers fluoridation. The Oregon Department of Human Services also requires regular additional hand-collected drinking water samples to be tested by a state-certified laboratory to check calibration of the online electronic monitoring analyzers.

A wide range of water quality data is reported by the City of Beaverton to the Oregon Health Authority. View Beaverton’s water quality test reports for additional information.