Increased-Capacity Projects

Identifying the Beaverton's Water Needs

The Water System Facility Plan (Master Plan) identifies needed increased capacity improvements to provide safe, dependable water service to the City’s water customers in conjunction with the build-out of vacant land. The plan recommends improvements in the water distribution system, storage, and transmission system and in the water treatment system.

Aquifer, Storage & Recovery

Over the last several years the City has allocated considerable funding to aquifer storage and recovery (ASR). ASR wells numbers one and four act as virtual underground water storage reservoirs to supply water during the summer season. Water supplied by the City’s ASR wells will continue to help smooth out the summer’s water demand spikes through the 20-mile-long transmission mains and from the Joint Water Commission (JWC) Water Treatment Plant.

Beaverton City Park fountain
City of Beaverton water facility