Left-Turn Signals


A new style of traffic signals has been installed at several Beaverton intersections. Similar changes are planned at additional intersections. 

The new traffic signals add a flashing yellow arrow. When the flashing yellow arrow is displayed, left turns are allowed but drivers must yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians before making the left turn.

New Traffic Signals in Beaverton
Traffic light of steady red arrow means stop and no left turns.Steady red arrow - Stop
No left turns are allowed
Traffic light of steady yellow arrow means prepare to stop.Steady yellow arrow - Prepare to stop
Traffic light of flashing yellow arrow means yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.Flashing yellow arrow - Left turns allowed after yielding to oncoming traffic and pedestrians
Traffic light of solid green arrow means left turns are allowed.Steady green arrow - Left turns allowed

The signals are a part of a nationwide study sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration. The study is seeking ways to improve driver understanding of left-turn signal displays. Similar signal displays are being installed in other Oregon cities and on state highways.