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Parks and Recreation

Outdoor activities include parks, recreation, pools, basketball courts, golf courses and the Beaverton arborists!
Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District | Beaverton’s Arboretums


Public, community and private schools in Beaverton.


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Community Awards

Beaverton's innovative efforts to create a safe, livable, and welcoming community.

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Program to honor Beaverton's military personnel.


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Beaverton transportation projects, Traffic Alerts, street maintenance, Washington County Oregon road projects and transportation planning.


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Our volunteer programs enrich the quality of life in the community by enhancing City services through the individual efforts of volunteers.

Weather & Climate

Although the Pacific Northwest is known for wet winters, you’ll be surprised to know that Beaverton averages only 36 inches of rain per year - which is less than Baltimore, Maryland, with 41 inches, and Miami, Florida, with 56 inches.

In the dry months, June through September, Beaverton receives less than five inches of rain total. The average temperature in the summer is in the 80s and, because of the northern latitude, the total number of hours of daylight in the summer can reach almost 16 hours (sunrise at 5:21 am and sunset at 9:02 pm).

In the wintertime, it is not uncommon to experience minor snowfalls of a couple of inches, but major snowfall occurrences are rare.

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