Beaverton Arts Commission

Arts Commission

Three smiling members of the Beaverton Arts Commission.

About the Arts Commission


There are up to 15 members. Terms of office shall be for one to three calendar years. Beaverton residency required. You can use our Boards and Commissions Membership Application to apply for an opening.

Residency Requirement

The Charter for the City of Beaverton, Chapter V, Section 19, C.2., provides that: "Unless waived by a majority vote of the entire council, a member of any committee, board or commission shall be a resident of the City." 

Mission of the Beaverton Arts Commission (BAC)

To enhance, unite, and celebrate our diverse community through art. The BAC does this by advocating for the arts; supporting city arts events and programs; spreading the mission of the BAC at outside events and gatherings; advising staff and City Council on arts-related issues; and, volunteering their time to serve on the BAC board and other project sub-committees. 


Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm in Beaverton City Hall.

Sub-Committee Meetings

Sub-committees are ad hoc on an as needed basis. Please check the agendas and minutes for news of future needs.


Terms begin on January 1. Deadline to apply for the board occurs annually in early October. 

Beaverton Arts Commission Bylaws - PDF