Councilor: Position 4

Allison Tivnon

Allison is newly elected and previously served as a Beaverton Arts Commission commissioner and a member of the Oregon Complete Counts committee for the State of Oregon's 2020 Census. She has 15 years of experience in marketing and business development and civic and philanthropic development.

Allison Tivnon's Message

I look forward to working alongside my fellow councilors and Mayor Beaty, our city staff and the upcoming interim city manager, as well as our many community partners. Our residents and businesses are looking to us to look out for them. We have all endured the kaleidoscope that 2020 turned out to be and have our work cut out for us in charting a course to recovery. Hanging tight to our Community Vision Plan, our DEI and Climate Action Plans and continuing to make progress toward our affordable housing goals will all be front of mind in our decision-making. I am thrilled to join the council and am eager to get started!