About Council Meetings


The Beaverton City Council meetings are conducted in the Council Chambers:
The Beaverton Building, First Floor
12725 SW Millikan Way
Beaverton, OR 97005.

City Council meetings are generally held the first three Tuesdays of each month. All City Council meetings are open to the public except portions of the meeting that meet legal requirements to be discussed in executive sessions.

All meetings follow the same agenda format and follow Robert’s Rules of Order for public meetings. Public hearings are conducted according to the procedures outlined in the Beaverton City Code.

Residents Communication

Residents desiring to address the City Council on an issue not on the agenda must fill out a speaker’s card at the table in the entry to the Council Chamber and submit it to the City Recorder immediately prior to the meeting. Such speakers are allotted three minutes each, at the beginning of the meeting during the citizen's communications point on the agenda.

During this time, the Mayor will call up the members of the public by the name given on the card that was filled out. The individual must come to the front of the Council Chamber to the microphone set up for this purpose and will typically have the floor for three minutes.

Public Discussion

Items on the agenda may not be addressed by the public unless the item is a public hearing. If there is an item on the agenda that is not a public hearing, and someone from the public wishes to address this item, they must contact the City Recorder ahead of time with the information. Often a Councilor or staff member can talk to them individually to address their concerns. If they wish, they may also fill out our online feedback form and send a message to a Councilor.

Watch City Council Meetings

The City Council meetings are televised on cable TV channel 23 and Ziply channel 21. The televised City Council meetings are also available live and on-demand (24/7) in streaming video format.

City Council Chambers at The Beaverton Building