Become a Volunteer

Becoming a volunteer mediator

Prospective volunteers must first take the center’s basic mediation training. See Workshops and Trainings for the center’s next training.

The center brings on new volunteers once a year, after the Basic Mediation Training in February.  Applications that are filled out during the year will be reviewed in November for the following year cohort.

Apply online to become a volunteer mediator

The center accepts applications for volunteer mediator from individuals who have completed the center’s basic mediation training. We only accept a few volunteers each year so the process is competitive. We evaluate applicants based on the criteria listed below and staff evaluation of participant’s aptitude for the work as demonstrated in the basic mediation training.

We are looking for volunteers who:

  • Are excited about gaining an understanding of the nature of mediation practice
  • Are looking forward to gaining the skills of a mediator and experiencing the role of mediator
  • Have excellent communication and people skills
  • Are able to adhere to strict standards of confidentiality
  • Are able to demonstrate, respect, fairness and impartiality to all parties
  • Are able to respect diversity and differences
  • Are able to assume other’s perspectives
  • Are able to pass a public record check
  • Are willing to contribute 2 hours of volunteer time per week to the center for one year

Volunteers accepted into the program will have the opportunity for mentorship and practicing newly acquired skills. Participation may include:

  • Case intake
  • Case management
  • Phone conciliation
  • Table mediation
  • Program development
  • Outreach to the community

If you have completed a basic mediation training through another agency, please email to discuss your training.