Councilor: Position 6

Nadia Hasan

As part of the new city charter, City Council will expand from five members to seven members: six part-time city councilors and one full-time mayor with voting privileges. Nadia Hasan is the first to hold City Council Position 6. She previously served on the Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District Visioning Task Force, a dedicated multigenerational, multiethnic, and multilingual volunteer group to meet community where they are. Nadia brings a wealth of diverse experience having worked in Beaverton schools as an educator along with deep private sector experience in HR and marketing. As an Indian-Pakistani woman, Nadia leverages her lived experiences as the daughter of immigrant parents to champion a city that serves the needs of our collective communities.

Nadia Hasan's Message

As we embrace the voters' desire for a council-manager form of government, I want to ensure we provide affordable housing, accessible transportation and economic empowerment for our residents. My hope is that our communities can do more than survive but thrive ensuring my children, your children and our children feel seen and heard in this beautiful city. I look forward to serving Beavertonians and encourage you reach out via email or phone call so we can connect.