Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Services (ADES)

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Services (ADES)

If the judge ordered you to complete an alcohol and drug evaluation, contact Deborah Ruiz, Alcohol and Drug Screening Specialist (ADSS) at 503-740-5653. You can leave a text message or voicemail at that number. Ms. Ruiz will respond to your message within two business days and often returns calls after 6 pm.

Si el juez le ordeno que completara una evaluación de alcohol y drogas, comuníquese con Deborah Ruiz, Especialista de Alcohol y Drogas (ADSS) al 503-740-5653. Puede dejar un mensaje de texto o correo de voz a ese número. La Señora Ruiz responderá a su mensaje dentro de 2 días laborales y regularmente devolverá las llamadas después de las 6 en la tarde.

FEE NOTICE: Included in the evaluation fee is the initial referral to a treatment agency. If for any reason, you must be re-referred or transferred to another agency you will be charged a $35 fee before the referral is processed. Additionally, your appointment time is reserved for you. If you fail to keep your appointment, or if you reschedule without a documentable emergency, you will be charged a $25 rescheduling fee.

Failing to appear to your appointment may result in Diversion revocation or a probation violation.


  • Evaluation Fee: The $150 screening fee is payable directly to Ms. Ruiz and is due at the time of the Screening. Personal checks are NOT accepted; please bring either cash or money order.
  • DMV Record: You must bring to your screening a copy of your Oregon DMV record for the past 5 to 15 years. If you held an out-of-state driver’s license at the time of the DUII, you must also obtain your driving record from that state. Police Report: Obtain a copy of your police report from your attorney.