COVID Business Grant Impacts

Grant Impacts

Beaverton immediately recognized the negative impacts that COVID-19 would have on small businesses and was one of the first cities in Oregon to provide emergency business grants. Starting on March 16, 2020, the city launched the first round of the Emergency Business Assistance Program to provide rental assistance to impacted businesses. Since then, we have provided five more rounds of funding in the form of grants to assist Beaverton’s small businesses stay in business and hold on to their storefront spaces. During spring 2021, we provided funding to vendors from the Beaverton Night Market who hadn’t qualified for other grant programs.

Beaverton Night Market Vendors

In order to assist some of our smallest businesses recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, the City ofImene's Homey Bites Beaverton provided small grants to vendors from the Beaverton Night Market. These vendors rely heavily on income from in-person events, which were severely restricted during 2020. A total of $48,484.80 was provided as grants to these small businesses. One business, Imene’s Homey Bites, shares her experience below:

I used to sell my products and treats at local markets, due to COVID 19 all local markets cafes and events were closed, since February 2020 I was not able to sell. By the end of 2020 I was on the verge of closing my business due to no income from COVID 19, the grant assistance from the City of Beaverton gave me a big relief, with that grant I was able to cover my yearly fees and expenses for 2021 which opened the opportunity to focus on rebuilding my business through other strategies and allowing me to continue to serve my customers again, giving my business a second chance. I'm very thankful to the City of Beaverton and Beaverton Night Market for their generosity and support.

Storefront Businesses

To date, 472 businesses have received $4,333,453.15 in emergency grants, which do not need to be paid back. While each funding round was slightly different, the grants have overwhelmingly supported small storefront businesses most impacted by COVID-19, such as restaurants, retailers, indoor fitness and personal care businesses. The grant funding was distributed to businesses throughout Beaverton, and a significant portion of grantees (approximately 66%) are business owners of color. Additionally, more than 50% of these grants went to businesses owned by women. We are proud that we have been able to leverage the city’s initial funding with federal CARES Act funding from Washington County and the State of Oregon.

Race / Ethnicity of Grantees

all grant programs - self reported by grantees

African - 5%

African American - 2%

Asian or Asian American - 38%

Latino/a/x - 10%

Middle Eastern and North African - 4%

Native American - 2%

Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander - 1%

Slavic - 1%

White - 34%

None of the Above - 4%

Testimonials from Beaverton businesses

We are a locally and independently owned yoga studio that has been operating in Beaverton for 3 years. When COVID started, we had to close operations for 4 months and I was concerned we may not be able to reopen. I am so grateful for the City of Beaverton's Business Recovery Grant funds - it has helped me immensely this month to alleviate our lease obligations, as well as payroll in order to keep our staff payroll on track!

Photo of the owner of Pure 8 Hot Yoga.

- Ouma, Owner PURE 8 Hot Yoga

My husband and I own Super Bowl Teriyaki in downtown Beaverton. The last weeks of March were very frightening for us, not knowing how we would pay rent, our two employees, and other expenses that are due at the end of the month. We applied for the Beaverton grant & were approved within the week, what a relief! What a blessing to have a city that takes care of their small local businesses!!! Thank you for having our backs.

Photo of the owner of Super Bowl Teriyaki place.

-Vivian Lee, Owner, Super Bowl Teriyaki

Our business is just trying to survive. I would like to take a moment to say thank you so much to the City of Beaverton that provided the emergency rental assistance program to help small businesses like mine during the coronavirus. It is much appreciated and I will never forget.

Photo of the owner of Mai Pho.

-Nary, Owner, MaiPho PDX

I am a hairstylist at Sola Salon. Due to Covid-19 we shut down for almost 4 months. Less than half of my clients have returned. Unfortunately, people are still leery about coming out. I received a grant from this program and it came at the right time. I am so appreciative of the people that help me get this grant.  I had many questions and concerns and they answered all of them. They were kind and very helpful and they made the process uncomplicated which put me at ease.

Photo of the owner cutting a boy's hair.

-Valeria, Sola Salon

We are so grateful to the City of Beaverton's Business Recovery Grant program for the funds to help keep our business running during the COVID restrictions. 2020 has been difficult with shutting down our whole operation for a month and then reopening in very limited ways with social distancing, mobile ordering, masks, sanitizers, plexiglass, shorter hours and tighter staffing hours just to survive. The Grant money is helping us take care of our employees and pay our building rent so that we can continue to joyfully service our amazing customers. Thank you City of Beaverton for helping us spread the word! We love our community and strive to be a place where all can BELONG! Cheers!

Insomnia Coffee

-Tyler and Evan, Insomnia Coffee and Dapper & Wise Roasters