Temp Weather Apparatus in Public Rights of Way

Regulations for canopies, tents and heaters in public rights of way

The following requirements shall apply to use of tents, canopies or other temporary membrane structures (collectively called “tent” or “tents”), within public rights of way:


  • Tents must be approved by Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue (TVF&R) prior to applying for an Open Air Beaverton permit. Please contact Jeremy Foster at TVF&R: Jeremy.Foster@tvfr.com for more information. The exception to this requirement is any pop-up tent under 400 sq. ft. A pop up tent is defined as a small, portable tent that is easy to assemble, with a collapsible frame that springs into functional position.
  • All tents must be approved by the City Engineer; requirements in addition to those below may be applied for safety. For tents near intersections, the City will evaluate the sight distance at the intersection to ensure that tents do not interfere with the drivers view prior to granting approval.
  • Tents may be inspected for post set-up safety by the City.
  • The maximum size tent or tents (including those set up adjacent to one another) that may be placed within public parking spaces will be 700 square feet total. Tents placed in closed public streets may be larger with approval by TVF&R and the City of Beaverton.
  • All tents must be fire retardant and fire rated.
  • Any tent must have a minimum of 8’ clearance between lowest point of tent roof and ground.
  • No staking of tents is permitted in public rights-of-way. Tents may be attached to orange water-filled barriers provided by the City to Open Air Beaverton permittees.
  • Tents with at least 50% of sides open are strongly recommended for adequate air flow.
  • All tent legs must be weighted below or as otherwise recommended by manufacturer/installer:
    • Each leg must have a minimum of 40lbs of weight.
    • Ropes and straps should be high quality.
    • Bungee or rubber straps are prohibited.
    • Weights must be on the ground and not dangling.
    • Weights and lines must not pose a hazard and be clearly visible.
    • Items that make acceptable weights:
      • 5 gallon bucket full of water, sand, or concrete
      • 4” PVC pipe at least 36” long filled with concrete
      • Large commercially available tent weights
      • Sandbags or salt bags 40lbs or heavier
  • For maximum safety, tents should be secured as soon as they are put up and brought down as soon as weight is removed. Do not leave unsecured tents at any time.
  • Smoking is prohibited under tents.
  • The tent shall not block fire hydrants, storm drains, manholes, catch basins, or other similar infrastructure improvements.
  • No connection of the temporary structure to any water, sanitary or storm sewer utility shall be allowed.
  • Tents shall not obstruct pedestrian connections.
  • During permit review, tents may be subject to additional requirements for safety by the City or TVF&R.
  • These guidelines may change.


  • Catalytic heaters inside tents:
    • require a fire extinguisher.
    • gas catalytic heaters must be CSA 4.89 certified.
  • No wood burning heating is allowed under tents or in public rights of way.
  • During permit review, heaters may be subject to additional requirements for safety by the City or TVF&R.
  • These guidelines may change.

Tent Document Submittal

  • Top view plan of tent location (i.e. drawn on aerial map from a mapping app like Google Maps) within orange barriers. Address of business and north arrow should also be included.
  • All dimensions of tent, including tent height and distance between ground and tent (8’ clearance minimum must be met).
  • Photo or illustration of type of tent (i.e. taken from a web site), including type of tenting legs.
  • Description of how tent will be tied down and weighted.
  • If tent is not a pop up tent and over 400 sq. Ft., written proof of tent location, size and type approval and duration from Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue. Please contact Jeremy Foster at TVF&R: Jeremy.Foster@tvfr.com to begin that review process.
  • If tent is to be heated, indicate what kind of heater, number of heaters, where heaters will be located and if required per above, show approval from TFV&R.
  • If you already have an existing permit, submit Tent information to the Program Manager (MailboxCDDOpenAir@BeavertonOregon.gov) rather than submit a new application.