CIP 6107 - Erickson Trunk Sewer & Water System

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Erickson Trunk Sewer & Water System Improvements

Construction crew installing sewer pipe.

Project Description

The project consists of replacing 4,066 feet of 15-inch sewer pipe with 18-inch and 21-inch pipe. The alignment will remove the trunk sewer from the creek area and improve maintenance access. The larger pipe size line will provide additional flow capacity.

The project is split into 2 phases:

Phase 1: Encompasses a combination of sewer and waterline construction from Dale Ave./Allen Blvd. through Taralynn Ave and up to 10th Street. Construction started in Summer 2020 and was completed in March of 2021.

Phase 2: Includes both sewer and waterline construction from 5th Street/Erickson Avenue to SW 10th Street/Stott Avenue. This will be primarily through 5th Street, the Central Park Condominiums and the Beaverton Lodge. There will also be waterline replacement in Erickson Ave (from 5th Street to 10th Street). The anticipated start of construction for Phase 2 will begin in Spring/Summer 2021.

Watch the October 2020 Presentation with the Project Team

Erickson Sewer Project Phase 2 Presentation Slides (PDF)

Project Contact

For general questions and inquiries please contact:
Stacy Revay, Public Outreach Management Analyst
Phone: 503-713-7809

Project Justification

The City’s 2004 Sewer Master Plan and 2019 Draft Sewer Master Plan, and Clean Water Services (CWS) Master Plan have identified the Erickson sanitary sewer trunk pipeline between SW Allen Boulevard and SW 5th Street as undersized for current and future capacity and recommends that the trunk sewer line be upsized from 12 inches to 18 inches in diameter.

The Erickson trunk between SW Allen Blvd and SW 5th St is a 15-inch pipe constructed about 60 years ago along Erickson Creek. A portion of the pipe through the Creekside Village development was realigned in 1987. The 15-inch pipe is undersized for both existing and buildout conditions. Replacing this pipe in its current location would be difficult as it is in a heavily landscaped area adjacent to the creek with limited access and multi-family structures nearby. Pipe bursting is not feasible due to the extremely flat grade.

The computerized flow models indicate that this line is deficient in size to handle future sewer flows. CWS installed flow monitoring on the trunk sewer to verify the need for this project. Data available in the spring of 2017 showed the pipe requires additional capacity. Positive results resulted in the decision to replace the pipe with a larger size. Cardno Engineering was selected and completed the design for phase 1 which is under construction and working on phase 2 design.

Key Project Milestones

  • Construction of Phase 1: Completed
  • Construction of Phase 2:  Contract awarded to Landis and Landis and construction is underway.

Project Estimated Cost

  • Sewer Work: $2 Million 
    • This part of the project is funded by the Sewer Fund (Sewer Collection System) and reimbursed by Clean Water Services.
  • Waterline Project Work: $1.4 Million
    • This part of the project is funded by the City Water System Improvements Fund.

Project Area

CIP 6107 map of Erickson Sewer Upsizing area bounded by SW 5th, Main, Allen and Erickson.

CIP 6107 Sanitary Sewer Project map of SW Taralynn Ave between 10th and Allen.