Hyatt House Hotel

Hyatt House Design
Project Snapshot
Location: 32,500 square feet at the southwest corner of SW Crescent St. and SW Rose Biggi Ave.
Outcomes: Five-story business class urban-style hotel building with a total 125 rooms and 2,600 square feet of restaurant space
Developer: Supreme Bright Beaverton (aka Canterbury Group)
General Contractor: Deacon Construction
Project Milestones:
  • 11/2005 – City of Beaverton purchases site of the previous Westgate Theater
  • 07/20/2016 – Request for Qualifications issued for hotel development opportunity at Westgate site
  • 12/22/2016 – City enters into Exclusive Negotiating Agreement with Canterbury Hotel Group
  • 12/2017 – Disposition and Development Agreement signed
  • 09/26/2018 – Design Review approved by Beaverton Planning Commission
  • 05/22/2019 – Groundbreaking Ceremony
  • 02/11/2021 - Opened for business
Current Status: Completed

The Hyatt House Hotel is an urban-style five-story hotel with 125 business suites and has space for a separate 2,600 square foot destination restaurant in Beaverton’s Central District. The lot, previously the location of the old Westgate Theater, had sat vacant for some time. The development furthers the goals of the Creekside Master Plan (2014) and the Westgate Framework Redevelopment Plan (2016) towards creating a vibrant center by increasing the number of people living, working and visiting the downtown area and promoting a seamless, high-quality urban environment; take advantage of proximity to transit; and catalyze redevelopment on adjacent properties.

The hotel includes a ground floor lobby bar, board room, guest kitchen, podium patio, and fitness center. The building will have dedicated space for a local destination restaurant with an entrance on the northeast corner. These amenities will work together to provide greater street level activation at the Rose Biggi and Crescent corner.

Funding came from multiple sources, including from the Beaverton Urban Redevelopment Agency which contributed $1.09M in land write downs, $150K towards system development fees, $42K in plans and analyses, and $25 in tenant improvement allowance for the restaurant space. In addition, the City of Beaverton put $14K towards other analyses and the development received $500K in Metro Transit Oriented Development grant funds.

"It's an incredible partnership between the Canterbury Hotel Group and the City of Beaverton to take advantage of downtown's proximity to work, entertainment and leisure and make this place even stronger" – Bob Stacey, Metro Councilor

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