2020 Winners

Elementary School

Grades K - 2


  • “Playing Together,” by Fiona Helvick

Drawing of culturally diverse children dancing together on planet earth.

Runner Up

  • “The Right to Protect Animals & Earth,” by Sabrina Helvick

Drawing of a pair of slightly open hands holding animals with planet earth in the background.

Grades 3 - 5


  • “US for Human Rights,” by Mihika Sathaye

Watercolor painting of eagle with text, Liberty and Justice for All!

Runner up

  • “You Are Who You Are,” by Abigail Lee

Stylized drawing of a figure representing multi multiculturalism, wearing a peace symbol.

Middle School


  • “Freedom Supremacy,” by Chloe Chen

Drawing of white and black arms shaking hands with international symbols of peace.

Runner Up

  • “Protest,” By Hana Tenorio

Drawing of several sign boards with sayings that might show up at a protest or rally.

High School


  • “The Long Path Towards Human Rights for All,” by Aseem Agarwal

Hand made envelope with drawing of a mature gentleman balancing structures and typed letter.