Food Donation

Business food donation

Image of a pdf to a guide for business food donation Opens in new windowWhile steps can be taken to reduce the amount of excess food your business generates, sometimes extra food and unused ingredients are inevitable. With proper planning, donating excess food can be safe and easy and is a great way to help our community members who may be experiencing food insecurity and hunger. Many area restaurants, caterers, grocers and food service companies are already helping. 

Why donate?

  • Support your community. Food businesses are an important part of the community and there is a vibrant and extensive network of partners throughout the region working to collect and distribute food donations. Donating healthy, edible food can have a big impact in people’s lives.
  • Stay competitive. Employees and customers want to support businesses that have sustainable practices. By tracking the type and amount of donations, businesses may identify other opportunities to reduce food waste and costs throughout their operations.
  • Conserve resources. Your donations help ensure that the valuable resources such as water, land and energy that went into producing, processing, shipping and storing food are not wasted.

City staff is available to help get your business get started with food donation. We provide free resources and tools, assistance in identifying a local food donation organization and will help you identify supplies (labels, tracking logs etc.) you may need to make your food donations a success. Contact us to get started. 

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