Design Exceptions / Revisions / Appeals

Requesting Design Exceptions to the Engineering Design Manual

All requests for design exceptions to the Engineering Design Manual shall be made to the city’s Public Works Engineering Department. 

Unless otherwise specified, to request exceptions to the design standards contained in the Engineering Design Manual you must download and submit a completed Design Exception Request form and a $500.00 fee for each exception requested to:

Site Development
City of Beaverton
P.O. Box 4755
Beaverton, OR 97076

Instructions for filling out the design exception form.

Generally, a design exception review and approval can be completed within one month of receipt. It is recommended that exception requests be submitted as soon as possible to build in a buffer for those reviewing and approving the exceptions, and for questions to be resolved. Be advised that incomplete or poorly written requests will be returned for revision and resubmission. Comments will be provided as appropriate. 

To avoid delays it is recommended that the design engineer meet with city staff in advance to discuss the exceptions and come to initial agreement on the proposed exception(s), proposed and potential mitigations, and to determine if a reasonable change can eliminate or reduce the impact of the deficiency. Staff involved will normally be the City Traffic Engineer, the Site Development Division Manager, the City Engineer and others as needed. This will help the exception request move more smoothly through the process. These meetings also allow agreement as to which exceptions can be bundled into one request, verses separate requests.

While the city will process design exceptions as expediently as possible, be advised that late submittals are subject to the workload of other requests and projects that are already in the queue. Late submittals, especially coupled with assumptions and a lack of communication, increases the risk of delay in the issuance of the permit required to proceed with construction.

The exception request will be approved, approved with conditions or denied.

Proposing Revisions to the Engineering Design Manual & Standard Drawings, and Approved Products List 

All proposals for revisions to the Engineering Design Manual and Standard Drawings and Approved Products List shall be made to the city’s Public Works Engineering Department.

To request revisions to the engineering design manual, standard drawings and/or the city’s approved products list, send a letter describing the proposed revision(s) along with any supporting documentation (i.e., redlined standard drawings, plan sheets, product specifications, photos, etc.) in PDF format to If you desire to submit a hard copy, mail your proposed changes to:

City Engineer
City of Beaverton
P.O. Box 4755
Beaverton, OR 97076

The city will consider the request and respond to let you know the decision.

Requesting or Appealing a City Engineer’s Interpretation or Review

All requests and appeals listed below shall be made to the city’s Public Works Engineering Department:

  • Appeal of a penalty for violation of city codes or standards administered by the City Engineer
  • Appeal of an action, decision, clarification, or interpretation by the City Engineer
  • Request for a City Engineer’s interpretation
  • Request for a City Engineer’s review Unless otherwise specified, to appeal or request a City Engineer’s interpretation, you must submit a hard copy of your proposed changes with the completed Multi-Use Appeal / Request Form to the City Engineer at the address above.

You may also email form and supporting documentation to the attention of the City Engineer at Please refer to City Engineer’s Interpretation 10.20.04-03 for complete instructions.