Beaverton Central 2-Acre Site

Beaverton-Center-for-the-Arts-Architectural Rendering
Sunny day at BG Food Cartel with people seated at outdoor patio tables, surrounded by food carts.
picture of crowd at a concert at the Beaverton Night Market

Development Competition

The Beaverton Urban Redevelopment Agency (“BURA”) issued a development RFQ for the Beaverton Central 2-Acre Site in the heart of downtown and one block from the Beaverton Central Light Rail Station, which was due October 10, 2019. BURA sought qualified developers or development teams for the redevelopment of this key site. The identification is Solicitation #3557-20B.

RFQ is now closed and submittals are under review.

In the News

This new development opportunity could prolong Beaverton's renaissance