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This project is designed to implement Beaverton's Community Vision, Comprehensive Plan and Housing Five Year Action Plan. The following are selected goals and actions from those documents:

Community Vision

  • Develop a housing strategy and action plan to ensure balanced housing options for all needs, including executives, families, seniors and a diverse workforce. (Action 101)
  • Integrate affordable housing into diverse area neighborhoods ... and develop strategies to facilitate micro-housing on existing home lots. (Action 102)
  • Identify ways to ... expand the supply of age-in-place housing. (Action 29)

Comprehensive Plan

  • Allow a wider variety of housing choices that can accommodate a range of ages, household sizes and/or income levels while ensuring the new housing responds to the scale and form of the neighborhood. (Land Use Element Goal 3.2.1)

Housing Five Year Action Plan

  • Released in 2017, the Housing Five Year Action Plan describes specific actions to achieve the goals and implement the policies of the city's Comprehensive Plan, and pairs those actions with forecasted budgets. Annual work plans guide the city's housing-related activities for the year. The Housing Options Project is included in the work plans for fiscal years 2018-2022.