BCOA Members

We appreciate your commitment

Jing Feng (Alternate)

Photo of Jing Feng.Jing received her Ph.D. in biomedical engineering. After working nine years as a research scientist in the Infant Motor Development Laboratory at Indiana University, she moved to Portland in 2006 to work at Shriners Hospitals for Children, where she serves as the director of the Motion Analysis Center. Her passion is in applying her engineering and clinical skills in helping children with disability. Growing up in a culture of great respect for seniors, she thinks the society should take good care of the seniors, and she is enthusiastic about improving the quality of life of the seniors. She was honored to serve on BCOA. In her spare time, she enjoys tennis, gardening, and travel.

Sunita Garg

Photo of Sunita Garg.Sunita has been a resident of Beaverton for over 25 years. She is a CPA, and has been working for over 10 years in a company in Portland, currently in the position of Finance Controller. She feels that volunteering in this committee is a great opportunity to serve and learn about the issues of seniors in our community. She is excited and looking forward to working with others on the issues of aging population.

Laura Gazarian

Photo of Laura Gazarian.Laura’s background includes a B.S. in Business/New Ventures and Small Business Management and over 20 years in the non-profit arena in CA, all before she moved to rural Southern Indiana. Moving back west and now calling Beaverton her home, Laura believes that community involvement and social interactions are key to success, both professionally and personally.

Laura self-describes as “a person of age” and is interested in issues of aging in a youth-oriented society. Professionally: Laura works full-time for Two Men and A Truck (professional moving company) and is the lead developer for a Senior Certified Move Experts training program. At home, she assists a person who is aging and legally blind. Laura is also active in the Chamber of Commerce, serving as an Ambassador. Additionally, Laura serves as Vice President for a nonprofit organization, Loving Them Forward, that provides vetted referral assistance to seniors and family caregivers in Clark County, WA. When she isn’t working, Laura spends time exploring the Pacific Northwest (especially the coffee houses!), writing about her Jesus-journey, experimenting in the kitchen, and finding ways to encourage others to move forward and to live their best-life!

Hilary Lang Greenebaum, PhD (Recorder)

Photo of Hilary Lang Greenebaum.Hilary was extremely close with her three extraordinary grandmothers, which gave her endearing respect for older people. Back in the 1970s she earned a degree in Gerontology and worked in the first senior day health care center in the US called ‘On Lok’ in San Francisco. Later, she became an elementary school teacher, middle school principal, and instructor at the University Colorado Denver. In the early 2000s, she became involved in her husband’s insurance agency and immediately loved it! Helping people navigate through a completely new phase in life, and transitioning to additional Medicare health insurance, has been very rewarding because she likes to help people and their families. Hilary now runs the family business, Howard Insurance Agency for Seniors, and specializes in health insurance for people on Medicare. In her spare time, she likes to walk her dogs, garden, and read. She also volunteers at the Beaverton City Library. Hilary is motivated to work on the BCOA in support of this extraordinary community!

Skylar Johnson

Skylar Johnson

Skylar has had a love for interacting with aging adults since a young age. While still in elementary school she split her after school hours, weekends and summers volunteering in various Nursing Homes and with her neighbor, a retired science teacher with multiple sclerosis, with whom she watching old Victor Borge videos, helped around the house and, as the neighbor’s health declined, Sky would read aloud to her and help her eat. In high school she volunteered through a nonprofit as a companion and support for adults on hospice due to HIV/AIDS and various cancers. It was then that she discovered that there can be peace, comfort and even beauty at the end of one’s life.

While in college she worked as a Case Manager for a Hospice center and later on as the Director of Care for a Dementia Care Unit in an assisted living.

After relocating to Beaverton, she continued to work professionally within the geriatric community. In 2009, she was Executive Director for an in home care company, when she and her husband welcomed the first, of 2, daughters. Sky has been with the BCOA since 2015 and is inspired by the passion, innovation, and compassion for the aging population regularly shown, not only by BCOA committee members, but by the community of Beaverton as a whole. She has thoroughly enjoyed the time on the BCOA working with a multitude of volunteer, city staff and community agencies in the hopes of growing Beaverton into a place where all can age safe and securely, with many options, rewarding opportunities and fun!

Sophie McDuffey (vice-chair)

Photo of Sophie McDuffey.Sophie’s heart and passion to serve began as a young woman volunteering at the Milwaukie Providence Child Center for medically fragile children and eventually turned into an obvious direction for her career. Her healthcare career began in Emergency Medical and she loved every minute, but her heart desired a more lasting patient care experience. Her journey into the Senior Care Industry began as a Home Care Coordinator for an In Home Care Agency where she was able to experience a lasting impression on the people she served and supported the Nurse Case Managers on a clinical level. Sophie’s role as a Home Care Coordinator grew into a Case Manager position where she managed her own case load and clients in the Portland Metropolitan area. Sophie also serves on the Cedar Mill Business Association as their treasurer and holds her commitment to integrity in high regard. Sophie is honored to be part of the Committee on Aging as a voice and advocate for our aging population, as it is Sophie’s heart to serve and support those close in her community. Sophie puts her whole heart into her work and desires to leave a lasting impression of integrity and compassion.

Martha McJacobs (chair)

Photo of Martha McJacobs.Martha moved to Portland, Oregon in 1980 from Vermont. She has lived in the Pacific Northwest for more than half her life so she considers herself a true denizen of this beautiful countryside. As a person who is trying to make a low impact on our environment, you can find her cycling (in good weather), walking or taking MAX to transport herself around town. While finishing her graduate work at University of Portland, she met her wonderful husband. She has been married for 33 years, raised two wonderful children, and are now carving out their lives in retirement. After a rich life teaching, leading meetings for Weight Watchers, and avid volunteer work, Martha is now building her own business, Life By Design, coaching families with teens how to navigate what happens after graduation from high school. Martha love hiking, exploring new places, traveling, reading, eating a variety of foods and wines and getting together with friends for coffee/tea to spend time together.

John Ratliff

Photo of John Ratliff.John is a retired industrial hygienist and safety professional who has served on the Bicycle Advisory Committee for Beaverton and the Nature and Trails Committee for THPRD. His hobbies include photography, scuba diving, hiking and walking, canoeing and bicycling. John continues to be a member of the American Society of Safety Professionals and the American Industrial Hygiene Association. With his wife, Chris, he has hiked national parks and local areas, canoed the Tualatin River, dived in the Clackamas River at High Rocks, and is enjoying his retirement. John earned his Master of Science in Public Health—Industrial Hygiene Emphasis at just past the age of 60. He comes to the Committee on Aging with the idea of applying some of the health concepts he has learned over the years involving movement and healthy eating to the Committee on Aging, and serve as a liaison between the other committees.

Beverly Sali

Photo of Bev Sali.Beaverton has been Bev’s home for 30 years. Bev attended the University of Oregon and retired in the late 90’s from Special Education Administration. Her three (3) sons live in Oregon, two (2) daughters live in California and is “Grami” to seven grandchildren. Bev’s oldest son Craig has been disabled since birth and continues to be the best teacher in her life. He lives with Bev in their family home; and she is his caretaker.

Advocacy for people with disabilities has been and is a big part of Bev’s life. The interest in learning about the needs of the aging population and involvement with BCOA has been natural for her. She enjoys learning and the need to be knowledgeable about the needs and services for both herself and her special needs son is important.

Bev enjoys participating in the numerous activities in the metro area and membership to support the wonderful arts, learning and entertainment programs is important to her. Travel with family and friends and participation in the lives and activities of her grandchildren bring her great joy. She is a very proud grandmother.

Susana Sharp

Photo of Susana Sharp.Susana is an active and concerned aging person who believes that the commitment of the city to listen, learn, and provide leadership and resources for the Beaverton aging population is a positive. She has been involved with issues of “ageism” for many years. She helped her mother in the last years of her life and learned the concerns of caregivers and those facing new options in the aging stages of life. She is grateful to live in a place where residents, city planners, and leaders care about the aging population.

Suzanne VanSlyke

Photo of Suzanne VanSlyke.Suzanne was motivated to become a member of the Beaverton Committee on Aging several years ago, when she began to realize the need for good information about healthy aging, and what to do if something unforeseen and unplanned-for occurs, as it so frequently does. She was a registered nurse care manager doing home visits, both medical and hospice, for a number of years. BCOA is a group of diverse and engaged individuals working together on issues of benefit to seniors and working with community resources to provide useful information to seniors, their families and caregivers, and those aging in place. Suzanne finds being able to bring possibly new concerns and issues to the Beaverton City Council for their consideration to be a very serious responsibility of the committee, and is proud to be a part of this communication system, which can result in a problem unknown previously being identified and worked on timely, improving daily life for Beaverton residents.

Louis Weisberg

Photo of Louis Weisberg.Lou worked at Intel in program management until he retired in 2016.

One of the retirement benefits offered was the opportunity to become an Encore Fellow. The Encore Fellowship Program is for retired professionals who commit 1000 hours, typically over a year, applying their skills and experience to a high-impact role to build the capacity of a nonprofit organization.

Lou served his Fellowship at Metropolitan Family Service as a Community Outreach Coordinator, focusing on recruiting volunteers for the AARP Experience Corps program, where adults aged 50 and over mentor kids in Portland area public schools.

After his Fellowship ended, Lou joined OHSU in 2018 as a Research Assistant where he is currently part of a clinical trial determining if regular video chat conversations with socially isolated older adults 75+ will improve their health and well-being.