Metro Regional Affordable Housing Bond

Creating Affordable Housing Options in Beaverton


LIS (Local Implementation Strategy)

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Projects (check back regularly for updates)

South Cooper Mountain Project 

The selected project developed by Wishcamper Development Partners allocates $9 million in Metro Bond funding. The 42-acre planned unit development is adjacent to Mountainside High School in South Cooper Mountain. The project proposes to include 309-units of affordable apartment housing, 30,000 square feet of commercial space, 13-acres of public open-space and trails, three public parks, and 297-units of market rate housing. Scheduled to begin construction late summer 2021, the affordable housing component will provide much-needed housing options for families and individuals within the Beaverton community, including 80-units of senior housing.

After a rigorous selection process, Colas Construction, Inc. won the opportunity to serve as the General Contractor for Wishcamper. This people-centered project will provide sustainable new homes, complete with beautiful public gathering spaces. In addition to Colas’ strong, affordable housing portfolio, the company is a Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) owned entity recognized as a BIPOC Prime Contractor (BPC) and is a second-generation, family-owned Portland-based firm focused on building in multiple areas. This project represents the largest project awarded to a BPC for the Metro Affordable Housing Bond to date, and all parties are thrilled about the impact-centric partnership.

Read about the Affordable Housing Bond Project.


Metro has released a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to develop the Elmonica Affordable Housing Project. Proposals are currently being reviewed. 

Senior Affordable Housing Project on 5th St

Formerly referred to as   “Project C,” the Senior Affordable Housing Project on 5th St is one of the Metro Affordable Housing Bond projects modeled in the Beaverton Local Implementation Strategy. As the project with the most deeply affordable units (38 out of 66), the best location for this project is one central to amenities, public transportation, and social services. The community engagement and outreach done in the development of the LIS identified senior housing as one type of housing desperately needed. Senior housing was prioritized for this site because of the large number of deeply affordable units and accessibility of amenities near the Community Center location. The Senior Affordable Housing Project ground floor has potential for multiple uses, both public or private.

The Mary Ann

The Mary Ann, the first selected project following the approval of the Metro Affordable Housing Bond, was approved by the Beaverton Planning Commission, City Council, and Metro last year. The project broke ground in June 2020. REACH CDC and Bienestar partnered to bring this 54-unit project to the community. Bienestar, a culturally specific non-profit organization, works with Mary Anne residents to provide resource guidance and support. This project is complete and opened its door to the community on September 2021.

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Project Specific Community Engagement

Project specific outreach and community engagement will be completed for each of the four anticipated affordable housing development. Community engagement will include input from an ad hoc review committee for each project, the Housing Technical Advisory Group, and culturally specific community engagement and outreach with a variety of other groups utilizing a partnership with Unite Oregon.

For more information from Metro:

Metro - Affordable homes for greater Portland

In November 2018, Metro voters approved a $652.8 million bond—$31 million of which will be allocated for City of Beaverton projects. In accordance with the bond conditions, the city is developing a plan to outline how these funds will be used to create safe, affordable housing options in our community.

Icon of home with helping hands all aroundLocal Implementation Strategy (LIS) Outreach:

Listening Sessions, February–April 2019 (Local Community Organizations) 

Feedback Sessions, May-June 2019

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