125 Arnold Tuliptree

Tall, columnar, late summer green canopy of Arnold Tuliptree.Facts About Arnold Tuliptree

Liriodendron tulipfera 'Fastigiatum'

Native to: North America and China
Crown: Narrow with upright, lateral branches
Height: 50 feet
Width: 15 feet
Growth Rate: Moderate

Characteristics: This tree has bright green leaves that are dense with a squared outline. Fall colors are a deep golden yellow. In May and June it has yellow-orange tulip-like flowers.

Negative Features: Can require pruning to maintain a tight, compact form.

Uses: Good for narrow setbacks and tight situations where room allows on arterial, collector and residential streets. Even though narrow, this tree will grow large an dprovide dense shade.

Comments: Arnold has good columnar form and is suitable for tight situations.

Engraved stone sign for Arnold Tuliptree, Lioriodendron tulipfera 'Fastigiatum.'
Graphic of a golden, frowning sun.
Graphic of planter dimension for 6 ft.