Ponderosa Pine Pre-Makeover

Silhouette of a large Ponderosa Pine surrounded by a white picket fence.Old and Unusual Ponderosa Pine to Receive Makeover in Beaverton

City of Beaverton Arborist Pat Hoff had a lot of favorite trees. But when it came to working in the area, he had one truly favorite local tree – a very large and very old Ponderosa Pine on the corner of SW 4th and SW Angel in downtown Beaverton, Oregon. Down a block from the huge Ponderosas in the City Park, this tree manages to distinguish itself from other downtown trees with its massive trunk and lateral, densely twisting limbs and branches. This particular tree has become so beloved that it was designated a historical tree by the city.

The city was offered the opportunity to enter a worthy tree for the Tree Preservation Grant from General Tree Service. The grant is available to local governments, nonprofit organizations, and deserving individuals to assist them in caring for and preserving their valuable and irreplaceable trees. Pat Hoff led the effort when the 4th and Angel pine earned “Beaverton’s Favorite Tree” several years ago…but funding for the program was cut before the Ponderosa could receive any of the benefits. In celebration of Oregon Arbor Week (the first full week in April), General Tree Service awarded the City of Beaverton their 2013 Tree Preservation Grant, giving the pine its long overdue recognition.

Cloudy light filtering through the branches of a stately Ponderosa Pine.Through the grant, General Tree Services provided pruning services consisting of crown cleaning and thinning for the majestic tree. Their crews were on site from 9 am to Noon on April 10, 2013 in the middle of Arbor Week, to perform the necessary pruning. The community was invited to stop by before, during, and after the “tree makeover” to check the progress and maybe pick up a few tips for their trees, too. After all, this Ponderosa Pine has been around long enough to teach a thing or two.