117 Shubert Select Flowering Cherry

Filtered sun through the deep red, pyramidal canopy of Shubert Select Flowering Cherry.Facts About Shubert Select Flowering Cherry - or Canada Red Chokecherry

Prunus virginiana 'Shubert'

Native to: Newfoundland to Northeastern United States
Crown: Pyramidal
Height: 20 - 25 feet
Width: 20 feet
Growth Rate: Rapid

Characteristics: This tree has white spring flowers and leaves that start out bright green and then turn to purple. It is an exceptionally straight, uniform and vigorous grower with good drought tolerance. It has fruit that can be used in cooking

Negative Features: It is a short-lived tree with an expected urban life span of 20 years.

Uses: Good for underneath wires, cul-de-sacs and tight places. Good for highlights and entry features and street situations where there is little room on arterial, collector and residential streets. Best used in limited quantity. Shubert Select is a good choice when a shorter tree is necessary in order not to obscure a view.

Comments: Cherries, as a group, are short-lived trees. They do not adapt well to Beaverton's heavy clay soil. This makes them prone to insect and disease problems. Well-drained soil, as well as regular pruning and fertilization, is needed to maintain Cherry trees in good condition. A regular care program needs to be established and followed for insect and disease control. Canada Red Chokecherry is a good Flowering Cherry for street tree use in limited quantity.

Engraved stone sign for Shubert Select Flowering Cherry, Prunus virginiana 'Schubert.'
Graphic of a golden, frowning sun.
Graphic displaying whether tree height will work with existing utility lines.
Graphic of planter dimension for 4 ft.