2019 Engineering Standard Drawings

Engineering Standard Drawings

Application of Standard Drawings

The standard drawings below shall be used in the design and construction of public improvements in the City of Beaverton. 

Disclaimer and Design Engineer’s Responsibilities

The standard drawings are not to scale, are schematic in nature, and may not be suitable “as is” for a specific use or location. Therefore, it is the Design Engineer’s responsibility to ensure that all of the design components in a standard drawing are suitable for: the use intended, each specific location, and safe use by the general public. In addition, the sizes of, locations of, and spaces between the components must all be sufficient to meet all project requirements and the city’s operational and maintenance requirements.

Requirements for Modification of a Standard Drawing

All modified standard drawings and supplemental drawings shall have the city’s title block, logo, block information, drawing title and number removed, and shall bear the seal of the Design Engineer responsible for modifying or preparing them respectively. If the city’s title for a standard drawing is re-used on a modified standard drawing, the word “(MODIFIED)” in all upper case letters and enclosed in parentheses as shown, shall be added at the end of the title. In addition, it is the Design Engineer’s responsibility to modify and/or supplement the standard drawings with technical specifications and additional drawings as necessary to provide a complete, properly functioning project that conforms in all respects to the city’s requirements.

General Standards Drawings

Drawing TitlePDFDWGPrevious DWG Number
Standard AC Monument Box130130135
PCC Monument Box131131-
Asphalt Centerline Monuments135135130
Concrete Centerline Monuments136136-
Gravel Centerline Monuments137137-
Post-Construction Centerline Monuments138138-
Mailbox Locations140140140

Street Standard Drawings

Drawing TitlePDFDWGPrevious DWG Number
Minimum Arterial Street Widths200-1200-1101
Minimum Collector Street Widths200-2200-2102
Minimum Neighborhood Route Street Widths200-3200-3103
Minimum Local Street Widths200-4200-4104
Minimum Cul-De-Sac Standards201201110
Offset Crown202202115
Interim Turnaround203203120
Standard Utility Details204204125
Standard Monolithic Curb and Gutter205205200
Mountable Curb and Gutter206206201
Mountable Curb and Gutter at Vault207207202
Type A "Replacement Curb"208208203
Retrofit Curb Cuts in Existing Curb and Gutter209209204
Standard Commercial Driveway210210210
Standard Residential Driveway211211211
Standard Sidewalk215215215
Curb Tight Sidewalk216216216
Standard to Curb Tight Sidewalk Transition217217-
Curb Extension220220220
Concrete Roadways220-1220-1
Manhole and Inlet Concrete Boxouts220-2220-2
Future Street Extension Sign221221
Retrofit Single Sidewalk Ramp with Planter Strip231231231
Retrofit Curb Tight Single Sidewalk Ramp233233233
Standard Sidewalk Treewell240240240
Curb Tight Sidewalk Treewell with Grate241241241
Treewell Irrigation242242242
Asphaltic Concrete Speed Hump245245245
Asphaltic Concrete Speed Table246246246
Asphaltic Concrete Speed Hump with Median Island250250250
Concrete Roadway Repair250-3250-3
Asphaltic Concrete Speed Table with Median Island251251251
Speed Table with Crosswalk255255255
Speed Table with Crosswalk and Media Island256256256
Traffic Circle 260260260
Standard Block Wall270270-

Pipe Installation, Trench Backfill & Restoration Standard Drawings

Drawing TitlePDFDWGPrevious DWG Number
Pipe Trench Backfill300300300
Conduit Trench Backfill301301301
Pavement Cut Restoration302302308
Street Cut in PCC Pavement Perpendicular or Skewed to Centerline305305309
Street Cut in PC Pavement Parallel to Centerline306306310
Corrective AC Pavement Inlay Example "A-1" for Utility Cut310310311
Corrective AC Pavement Inlay Example "A-2" for Utility Cut311311312
Corrective AC Pavement Inlay Example "A-3" for Utility Cut312312313
Corrective AC Pavement Inlay Example "B-1" for Utility Cut313313314
Corrective AC Pavement Inlay Example "B-2" for Utility Cut314314315
Corrective AC Pavement Inlay Example "B-3" for Utility Cut315315316
Manhole Adjustment Sequence Option #1320320320
Manhole Adjustment Sequence Option #2321321321
CWS Standard Manhole with C.O.B. Modifications330330304
Manhole Connections331331306
CWS Flat Top Manhole with C.O.B. Modifications335335303
Shallow Manhole Cone336336-
Standard Cleanout in Existing Street340340302
Curb Inlet Catch Basin with C.O.B. Modifications345345325
Gravity Pipe Anchor350350307
CWS Flow Control Structure with C.O.B. Modifications360360
CWS Streetside LIDA Planter (No Street Parking)370370
CWS Streetside LIDA Planter with Street Parking371371
Rock Flow Spreader for WQ Swale510510
PVC Gasketed Saddle520520

Traffic Standard Drawings

Drawing TitlePDFDWGPrevious DWG Number
Typical Sign Assembly400400400
Typical Sign Locations405405405
No Parking Signs407407
Street Name Sign 4" Tall Letters410410410
Street Name Sign 6" Tall Letters411411411
Block Number Plate Mounting412412412
Private Street Sign416416-
Private Driveway Sign417417-
Crosswalk Closure Barricade420420420
Loop Wire Entrance Sand Pocket425425425
Pedestrian Push Button Post430430430
Street Barricade - Type III435435435
Street Barricade - Type III at Wide Transitions436436436
Typical Shared-Use Path700700700
Mid-Block Pedestrian Crossing705705705
Vehicle Barrier Locations & Fence Openings710710710
Removable Vehicle Barrier Post715715715

Water Standard Drawings

Drawing TitlePDFDWGPrevious DWG Number
Typical Water Line Trench Backfill620-1620-1
Typical Water Line & Fire Hydrant Location630-1630-1
Tapping Sleeve630-2630-2
2" Standard Blow-Off Assembly - Permanent630-3630-3
2" Blow-Off Assembly for Future Extension630-4630-4
4" Blow-Off Assembly for Future Expansion630-5630-5
2" Automatic Flushing Device (for Future Extension)630-6630-6
2" Automatic Flushing Device630-7630-7
Straddle Blocks630-8630-8
Thrust Blocks630-9630-9
Typical Water Valve Location640-1640-1
Typical Standard Valve Box Setting640-2640-2
High Volume Traffic Lid for 910 Series Valve Box640-3640-3
Valve Operator Extension640-4640-4
3/4" or 1" Combination Air and Vacuum Valve (CARV) Below Grade640-5640-5
3/4" or 1" Combination Air and Vacuum Valve (CARV) at Grade640-6640-6
3/4" or 1" Air Release Valve (ARV)640-7640-7
2" Combination Air & Vacuum Valve (CARV)640-8640-8
Fire Hydrant Clear Zone650-1650-1
Fire Hydrant Assembly Installation650-2650-2
Fire Hydrant Assembly Flange Joint Installation650-3650-3
Typical Hydrant Marker Locations650-4650-4
Service Abandonment660-1660-1
Sampling Station Installation660-2660-2
1" Service Connection660-3660-3
1-1/2" and 2" Irrigation Service Connection 660-4660-4
1-1/2" and 2" Service Connections660-5660-5
Vault Ladder Installation670-1670-1
Sump Pump Installation670-2670-2
Compound Water Meter Vault670-3670-3
Electrolysis Test Station Wire Installation680-1680-1
Terminal Board Test Station - Types A-D680-2680-2
Polyethylene Encasement for DIP680-3680-3
Protective Geomembrane Sleeve Wrap for Crossing Cathodically Protected Pipes680-4680-4
Protective Sleeve Slip-On for Crossing Cathodically Protected Pipes680-5680-5
Combined CP Test Station Above Grade Installation Details680-6680-6
Combined CP Test Station Below Grade Installation Details680-7680-7
General Corrosion Control Details680-8680-8
Bonding of DIP Joints and Fittings680-9680-9
Dielectric Isolation Joints680-10680-10
Cross Connection Protection for Tanker Truck690-1690-1
Backflow Preventer for Residential Irrigation Systems690-2A690-2A
Backflow Preventers for Residential Irrigation Systems690-2B690-2B
3/4" or 1" Double Check Valve Assembly (DC)690-3A690-3A
1-1/4" to 2" Double Check Valve Assembly (DC)690-3B690-3B
3" and Larger Double Check Valve Assembly (DC)690-4A690-4A
3" and Larger Double Check Valve Assembly (Detail Notes)690-4B690-4B
3" and Larger Double Check Detector Assembly690-5A690-5A
3" and Larger Double Check Detector Assembly690-5B690-5B
3" and Larger Double Check Detector Assembly (Detail Notes)690-5C690-5C
3/4" to 2" Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly (RP) Above Ground690-6690-6
3/4" to 2" Reduced Pressure Backflow (RP) Assembly in Berm690-7690-7
3" to 10" Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly (RP) Above Ground690-8690-8
3" to 10" Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly (RP)690-9690-9
Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly (RP) Discharge Rates690-10690-10
2" PRV at N-C Pressure Zone Break690-11690-11