103 Tatarian Maple

Vibrant green, dense oval canopy of Tatarian Maple.Facts About Tatarian Maple

Acer tataricum

Native to: Manchuria, Northern China and Japan
Crown: Dense, oval, upright
Height: 20 - 25 feet
Width: 20 feet
Growth Rate: Moderate

Characteristics: Clusters of small fragrant, yellowish flowers in early spring are followed by bright red, winged fruit. Fall foliage is yellow to reddish-brown. This tree is extremely hardy and has good drought tolerance.

Negative Features: Some consider the fruit to be messy.

Uses: Good for narrow setbacks, underneath wires, cul-de-sacs and tight situations where there is little room on arterial, collector and residential streets. This is a good choice when a shorter tree is necessary in order not to obscure a view.

Comments: Tatarian is a good, small Maple that is seldom planted.

Engraved stone sign for Tatarian Maple, Acer tataricum.
Graphic of a golden, smiling sun.
Graphic of planter dimension for 4 ft.
Graphic displaying whether tree height will work with existing utility lines.