98 Kingan Fruitless Mulberry

Broad, rounded, lush, full, medium-green canopy of Kingan Fruitless Mulberry.Facts About Kingan Fruitless Mulberry

Morus alba 'Kingan'

Native to: China
Crown: Rounded
Height: 40 feet
Width: 40 feet
Growth Rate: Fast

Characteristics: Foliage is leathery and lustrous dark green. This tree has good drought resistance and is often used for seashore plantings. It has a dense, rounded canopy with a profusion of tight-knit slender branches.

Negative Features: Surface roots can cause problems with sidewalks.

Uses: Good for all street situations where room allows on arterial, collector and residential streets.

Comments: Kingan Fruitless Mulberry is a good shade tree for tough urban conditions. It needs room and is effective in large open areas. It is best used along natural areas and open space due to its unkempt appearance. Many underrate this tree for city planting, but its ability to adapt to urban conditions gives it a place for consideration in tough street situations.

Kingan Fruitless Mulberry bark with deeply grooved grey top layer revealing red-brown layer.
Engraved stone sign for Kingan Fruitless Mulberry, Morus alba 'Kingan.'
Graphic of a golden, frowning sun.
Graphic of planter dimension for 8 ft.