95 Kentucky Coffeetree

Kentucky Coffeetree branches covered in green compound leaves.Facts About Kentucky Coffeetree

Glymnocladus dioicus

Native to: Northeast to Midwest United States
Crown: Rounded open
Height: 70 feet
Width: 40 feet
Growth Rate: Slow

Characteristics: The bark is deeply furrowed on this tree. The compound leaves are pink-tinged when new, gradually changing to a dark green, almost a dark bluish green in summer with indistinct yellowish fall color. This tree tolerates alkaline soil. It usually develops vertically ascending branches which form a narrow, obovate crown and has a tropical appearance. Branching is light to non-existent for the first few years. The 10" leathery pods on this tree contain seeds which were used as coffee beans to early settlers in Kentucky.

Negative Features: Surface roots can cause problems with sidewalks and the fruit can be somewhat messy.

Uses: Good for all street situations where room allows on arterial, collector and residential streets.

Comments: Kentucky Coffeetree is an excellent shade tree for tough urban conditions. It is a large tree, suitable for boulevards. Male trees should be used to reduce mess from large fruit.

Engraved stone sign for Kentucky Coffeetree, Gymnocladus dioicus.
Graphic of a golden, smiling sun.
Graphic of planter dimension for 8 ft.