87 Briotii Red Horsechestnut

Young, late summer green canopy of Briotii Red Horsechestnut.Facts About Briotii Red Horsechestnut

Aesculus x carnea 'Briotii'

Native to: Balkan Peninsula and Central United States
Crown: Rounded
Height: 30 - 40 feet
Width: 30 feet
Growth Rate: Moderate

Characteristics: Briotii Red has rosy crimson flowers and is drought resistant. It casts dense shade.

Negative Features: Susceptible to Japanese beetles, mildew and rust. Older trees may need interior branches pruned. Surface roots can cause problems with sidewalks. Some consider the fruit messy.

Uses: Good for all street situations where room allows on arterials, collector and residential streets.

Comments: Briotii Red is an excellent shade tree for tough urban conditions. It has very attractive spring flowers.

Engraved stone sign for Briotii Red Horsechestnut, Aesculus x carnea 'Briotii.'
Graphic of a golden, frowning sun.
Graphic of planter dimension for 6 ft.