Action Plan

The Plan Has Been Updated!

Thanks to the input of the community, the Beaverton City Council approved a major update to the Beaverton Community Vision action plan at the February 16, 2016 meeting. The plan identifies community-inspired actions that the city and a wide range of community partners will work on over the next decade.

The 104 actions in the updated plan are based on outreach by the volunteers of the Visioning Advisory Committee (VAC). VAC volunteers gathered public input at events and presentations throughout the community. In all, 5,751 people shared 7,722 ideas for Beaverton’s future, which became the actions in the new plan.

Updates to the action plan include topics like affordable housing and homelessness, food carts, street maintenance, small business support, schools, arts, and more.

Download your copy, or view the Beaverton Community Vision Action Plan 2016 Update.

Beaverton Visioning Process

A Community Plan

The Beaverton Community Vision Action Plan Update 2012 was adopted by the City Council on February 21, 2012. This annual update contains highlights and status information for the 115 actions in the Beaverton Community Vision.

The action plan was originally adopted by the City Council on September 20, 2010. This document will help track our progress toward the five community goals from our citizens and help guide City planning choices for years to come.

Jason Robertson of J. Robertson and Company is the city's lead consultant for Beaverton Community Vision. He has worked with staff and the Visioning Advisory Committee to design the process for developing the action plan.

Read the action plan:

Turning Ideas Into Action

More than 60 community partners have adopted actions, and implementation is now underway. Exciting things are already happening!

The ideas from Beaverton Community Vision will be incorporated in city planning and work programs.