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About the Economic Development Team

The city’s Economic Development team provides support for existing and new businesses by acting as a primary resource to companies to make informed business decisions. The Team operates under the framework of the 2017-2021 Economic Development Strategic Plan utilizing firm-based, place based, and people-based economic development strategies.

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As the birthplace of the Silicon Forest and the home to innovative companies small and large, Beaverton has innovation and drive in its DNA. Beaverton is also known for its embrace of diversity and commitment to implementing its award-winning community visioning initiative.

This Plan guides the city’s economic development efforts for the next five years while maintaining the spirit of the city’s commitment to innovation and inclusiveness.

Current Strategy

2017 Strategic Plan

Beaverton Demographics

Beaverton Demographics

Beaverton Metrics Map

Beaverton Map

2011-2016 Strategic Plan

2011-2016 Strategic Plan