25 Japanese Privet

Portrait of Japanese Privet with late summer, green foliage.Facts About Japanese Privet

Ligustrum japonicum 'Texanum'

Native to: Japan and Korea
Crown: Oval
Height: 6 - 9 feet
Width: 8 feet
Growth Rate: Fast

Characteristics: Compact growth habit. Somewhat denser and lusher foliage than the species. Glossy green leaves pale to whitish underneath and have a thick, spongy texture.

Negative Features: Needs regular pruning to maintain tree form. Can sunburn in hot spells.

Uses: Good for underneath wires, cul-de-sacs, and tight situations where there is little room on arterial, collector, and residential streets. Best used in limited quantity. This is a good choice when a shorter tree is necessary in order not to obscure a view.

Comments: Japanese Privet is a small tree shrub that is good in narrow planters when given regular pruning. It could die back in severe winters.

Engraved stone sign for Japanese Privet, Ligustrum japonicum 'Texanum.'
Graphic of a golden, smiling sun.
Graphic of planter dimension for 4 ft.
Graphic displaying whether tree height will work with existing utility lines.