24 Fraser Photinia

Portrait of Fraser Photinia with late summer, green foliage.Facts About Fraser Photinia

Photinia x fraseri

Native to: Southern and Eastern Asia
Crown: Rounded to oval
Height: 15 - 20 feet
Width: 20 feet
Growth Rate: Moderate

Characteristics: This tree is an evergreen with glossy dark green leaves above a lighter underneath. The new growth is bright bronze-red with showy white flower clusters in spring. This variety does not have berries following the spring flowers. It is attractive to birds and is heat and drought resistant.

Negative Features: Needs regular pruning to maintain tree form as the tree matures.

Uses: Good for underneath wires, cul-de-sacs, and tight situations where there is little room on arterial, collector, and residential streets. Best used in limited quantity. This is a good choice when a shorter tree is necessary in order not to obscure a view.

Comments: Fraser Photinia in tree form is good in narrow planters when given regular pruning and care.

Engraved stone sign for Fraser Photinia, Photinia x fraseri.
Cluster of Fraser Photinia long, skinny green leaves, with one red leaf.
Graphic of planter dimension for 4 ft.
Graphic of a golden, frowning sun.
Graphic displaying whether tree height will work with existing utility lines.