22 Scarlet Oak

Late summer portrait of Scarlet Oak covered in green leaves.Facts About Scarlet Oak

Quercus coccinea

Native to: Eastern United States
Crown: Broadly oval
Height: 50 feet
Width: 45 feet
Growth Rate: Moderate to fast

Characteristics: Fall foliage is bright scarlet in cold weather. This tree has deep roots and is fine for under planting.

Negative Features: Galls can be a problem. May need iron chelate. Some consider the acorn fruit a nuisance.

Uses: Good for all street situations where room allows on arterial, collector, and residential streets. Suitable for planting along boulevards.

Comments: Scarlet Oak can be difficult to transplant successfully when provided in a bare root condition. Best planted from stock that has the root balled with soil and wrapped in burlap. Scarlet Oak has outstanding fall color of brilliant scarlet.

Engraved stone sign for Scarlet Oak, Quercus Coccinea.
Cluster of pointed, green, late summer Scarlet Oak leaves.
Graphic of a golden, smiling sun.
Graphic of planter dimension for 8 ft.