8 Trinity Flowering Pear

Tall, oval, green summer canopy of Trinity Flowering Pear.Facts About Trinity Flowering Pear

Pyrus calleryana 'Trinity'

Native to: Asia
Crown: Moderately rounded
Height: 30 feet
Width: 20 - 25 feet
Growth Rate: Moderate

Characteristics: Foliage is red-orange in the fall, and spring flowers are white. Pea-sized fall fruit is attractive to birds.

Negative Features: This is a short-lived tree with an expected urban life span of 20 years. May need regular pruning.

Uses: Good for highlights and and entry features, and all street situations where room allows on arterial, collector, and residential streets. This is a good choice when a shorter tree is necessary in order to not obscure a view.

Comments: Trinity is a good, small, flowering Pear with a rounded form. Fruit on Calleryana Pears is small, persistent, and does not drop, therefore it is not considered a messy tree.

Engraved stone sign for the Trinity Flowering Pear, Pyrus Calleryana 'Trinity.'
Graphic of a golden, frowning sun.
Graphic displaying whether tree height will work with existing utility lines.
Graphic of planter dimension for 4 ft.