Building in Beaverton: Apply for Permits: Planning

Planning Division (Land Use / Zoning) 

The Planning Division reviews development applications and conducts inspections for compliance with the Beaverton Development Code 

For a list of land use applications and brochures, please visit our Planning Applications, Land Use Brochures and Fees page.

Photo of a grass field and a photo of a hand with a pencil and subdivision plans.

Note: Permit applications must be signed by the property owner(s) or by someone authorized by the property owner(s) to act as an agent on their behalf. If someone is signing as the agent of the property owner(s), that person must submit a written statement signed by the property owner(s), authorizing the person to sign the application. In addition, all applications must include complete information including necessary checklists, written reports, technical documents, etc.

Electronic Submittal Procedures

Submissions must follow the Electronic Document Instructions below so that documents can be accurately assigned and routed for review. If you have questions or feedback, please contact us for assistance at 503-526-2420.

Electronic Document Instructions - August 2018

Submit large files through BOX